Thursday 16. 6. 18:00
Divadlo Husa na provázku, Congress Hall – free admission

Limited capacity of 25 people!

Most people have thought about what they would like the last days of their life to look like. Not many, however, will get to share these thoughts. Have these thoughts wandered your mind yet? Did you have anyone to share them with? And have you ever talked about what it would be like to live a queer life with a good queer ending? If these questions have caught your attention, come and play “My gift of grace” with us in a safe and respectful space. And you don’t need to be queer. All you need is the willingness to share and to listen. Playing with you will be counselors for grief and loss Renata Klímová (head of Klára Pomáhá z.s.) and Jolana Novotná (member of PROUD z.s.).

Card game “My gift of grace” is based on american game of Hello and was brought to Czech republic in adapted version by the Centre of Palliative Care.